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A Ghostly AffairAbilene, TexasAl
Angel of DeathApache-Sitgreaves National ForestArlington, Texas
Ashes to AshesAsheville, North CarolinaAshland, Ohio
Atchison, KansasAttendantsBaltimore, Maryland
Baltimore Residential HomeBeneath the RockBig Foot
Black MothsBowling Green, OhioBrooklyn Haunting
Capitol Theater HauntingCapitol TheatreCarmen Residence
Cascade MountainsChicago, IllinoisCrow
Deliver Us From EvilDemonDemon House
Demon WorshipersDevilDining With The Dead
Dobrowolski HomeDogsDybbuk
El Paso, TexasEmily the Imaginary FriendExorcist
Florida State Road 136Fox Hollow FarmFox Hollow Farm (Location)
From H.E.L.L.Ghost in the GardenGoblins
GreysGuardian AngelHarpy
Harrisville, Rhode IslandHaunted HighwayHaunted House
HerbHernandez's HouseHighway 50
Hinesberg, VermontHollywood SignHouston, Texas
J.W. LynchJoseph LynchKent, Ohio
Kentucky UFO ChaseKieffer HomeKris
Lady in WhiteLady on the StairsLawton, Oklahoma
Lewis Family HomeLittle GirlLittle Lady in White
Live Oak, FloridaLoess Hills, IowaLong Island, New York
Los Angeles, CaliforniaLouisville, KentuckyMadison, Indiana
Malevolent spiritMan In the AtticMansfield, Connecticut
Mansfield MansionManson VictimsMartin Family Farm
Mercado's HouseMeyran ResidenceMid Hills, California
MolechMonroe County Correctional FacilityMonteleone
Moreno Valley, CaliforniaMothmanNebraska Fiend
New York City, New YorkNightmare on Chestnut StreetNordic Aliens
Norman, NebraskaNorth East, PennsylvaniaObservation Point Rock, Afghanistan
Oman MansionParanormal Witness EpisodesParanormal Witness Wiki
Phoenix, ArizonaPoint Pleasant, West VirginiaPoltergeist
Ponca City, OklahomaPoppy's RevengePsychic
RAF Bentwaters U.S Air Force BaseRendelsham FilesRendlesham Forest
Roadside ghostRockford, AlabamaSacramento, California
Sacred GroundSallie's HouseSalt Lake City, Utah
Santa MuerteSaranac LakeSavannah, Georgia
South Pittsburg, TennesseeSouthington, ConnecticutSpringfield, Louisiana
St. Louis, MissouriStroudsberg, PennsylvaniaSuffolk, England
Suzy DollSuzy The Possessed DollTarantulas
The AbductionThe ApartmentThe Bad Man
The BoyThe CabinThe Contract
The CovenThe Curse of Lonergan FarmThe Dangerous Game
The Dark PondThe Dybbuk BoxThe Exorcist
The FireplaceThe Good SkeletonThe Harpy
The Haunting of Mansfield MansionThe Hollywood Sign HauntingThe Hospital Hauntings
The HotelThe House On The LakeThe Innocent
The JailThe Long Island TerrorThe Lost Boy
The Lost GirlThe Lynchville SecretThe Man
The Manson CurseThe Mojave EncounterThe Molech
The MomThe MotelThe Mothman Curse
The Night WardThe PitThe Poltergeist
The Rain ManThe RanchThe Real Conjuring
The Real Haunting in ConnecticutThe Saint of DeathThe Tenants
The VisitorsThe Wolf PackThe Zozo
They Are MineThrough The Eyes of a KillerTrapped Spirits
Trumbull County, OhioTrumbull County UFOTuberculosis Patients
U.F.O.Usher GhostVedere Family
Vedere HouseVirginia Beach, VirginaVoodoo Preacher
VoxWashington, MissouriWasps
Watch in the WildernessWerewolfWestfield, Indiana
When Hell Freezes OverWhite FaceWhittier, California
Williams CottageWitchWitches house
File:101 0167.jpgFile:1600x874xarlington-texas-skyline.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.WJbnUx51G7.jpgFile:800px-Sacramento Skyline (cropped).jpg
File:A Ghostly Affair.pngFile:Al 1.pngFile:Alien Probe.png
File:Angel 2.pngFile:Angel of death face.pngFile:Angel of death wings.png
File:Anger.pngFile:Ashland, Ohio.jpgFile:Asmodeus.png
File:Atchison Kansas Commercial Street.jpgFile:Bad Man.pngFile:Baltimore House.png
File:Bat demon 1.pngFile:Belphegor.pngFile:Ben Vendeer.png
File:Bilde.jpgFile:Black Moths 1.pngFile:Black straght haired witch.png
File:Blond Witch.pngFile:Brooklin House 2.pngFile:Capital Theather Haunt.png
File:Capitol Theater.pngFile:Carmen Residence.jpgFile:Cascade Mountains.png
File:Chaya.jpgFile:Chicken Claw.pngFile:Chris 1.png
File:DOWNTOWN BMORE 1.jpgFile:Dead Cat.pngFile:Deamon Grandpa 3.png
File:Deliver Us From Evil.pngFile:Demon on fire.pngFile:Demon worshipers.png
File:Diane.jpgFile:Dining With the Dead.pngFile:Dobrowolski House.png
File:Dousing Gem.pngFile:Downtown Kent Ohio 1.jpgFile:Downtown Ponca City Historic District.jpg
File:Emily the Imaginary Friend 2.pngFile:Evil tenants.pngFile:Example.jpg
File:Exorcist.pngFile:Eye in a hand.pngFile:Favicon.ico
File:Forum new.gifFile:Fox Hollow Farm 1.pngFile:From H.E.L.L..png
File:Ghost in the Garden.pngFile:Goblin 1.pngFile:Good Skeleton.png
File:Greys 1.pngFile:Hang man.jpgFile:Harpy.png
File:Haunted Highway 1.pngFile:Haunted House.pngFile:Henry Vedeer 2.png
File:Herb.pngFile:Hernandez's House.pngFile:Hollywood Sign.jpg
File:Hollywood Sign.pngFile:Hornet.pngFile:Howler 1.png
File:IMG 0186.jpgFile:Image.jpgFile:Image wolf.jpg
File:J.W. Lynch Alive.pngFile:J.W. Lynch Reflection.pngFile:J.W. Lynch ghost 1.png
File:Jay Sebring.pngFile:Joseph Lynch.pngFile:Joseph Lynch alive.png
File:Kieffer Home.pngFile:Kimble House.pngFile:Lady if the Stairs.png
File:Lady in White 1.pngFile:Leviathan.pngFile:Little Big Boy 1.png
File:Little Girl Spirit.pngFile:Live Oak FL US 129 SR 51 north towards US 90-01.jpgFile:Loess hills.jpg
File:LongIsland New.jpgFile:Long Island Home.pngFile:Lost girl.png
File:Louisville.jpgFile:Madiso, Indiana.jpgFile:Mamoon.png
File:Mansfield Mansion.pngFile:Martin Family Farm.pngFile:Monteleone.png
File:Moreno Valley, California.jpgFile:Moreno valley home.pngFile:Mothman 10.jpg
File:Myra.pngFile:Nebraska Fiend.pngFile:New-york-city-Earth.jpg
File:No Eyed Deamon.pngFile:Nordic Alien 1.pngFile:Oman Manson.png
File:PW.pngFile:Paranormal Witness - The Dybbuk Box - Sneak PeekFile:Paranormal Witness - The Tenants
File:Pentagram 1.pngFile:Poltergeist 1.pngFile:Poltergeist house sold .jpg
File:Probe 1.pngFile:Psychic.pngFile:RAF Bentwaters.png
File:RAF Bentwaters Nuclear Buncer.pngFile:RAF Bentwaters Officer Mess.pngFile:RAF Bentwaters Photo Lab.png
File:RAF Bentwaters Traffic Control Tower.pngFile:RAF Bentwaters east gate.pngFile:Rendelsham Files.png
File:Rendlesham Forest during the day.pngFile:Route 136 Florida.pngFile:Route 50.png
File:S02 e0212 04 135048756176 CC 640x360.jpgFile:Sally's House.pngFile:Salt Lake City.jpg
File:Santa Muerte.jpgFile:Santa Muerte 1.jpgFile:Saranac Lake - Lake Flower.jpg
File:Sasquatch.pngFile:Short haired Witch.pngFile:Sitgreaves National Forest.jpg
File:Skeleton Man.pngFile:Slide4.jpgFile:Spiders.png
File:Street view of poltergeist house.jpgFile:Suzy The Possessed Doll.jpgFile:The Abduction.png
File:The Apartment.pngFile:The Bad Man.pngFile:The Boy.png
File:The Bride.pngFile:The Cabin Ghost in the Garden - Sneak Peek - Paranormal WitnessFile:The Contract.png
File:The Coven.pngFile:The Curse of the Lonergan Farm.pngFile:The Dangerous Game.png
File:The Dybbuk Box.pngFile:The Exocist.pngFile:The Harpy.png
File:The Hospital Hauntings.pngFile:The Hospital Hauntings 2.pngFile:The House on the Lake.png
File:The Innocent.pngFile:The Long Island Terror.pngFile:The Lost Boy.png
File:The Lost Girl.pngFile:The Lynchville Secret.pngFile:The Main in the Attic.png
File:The Man.pngFile:The Manson Curse.pngFile:The Mother.png
File:The Mothman Curse.pngFile:The Pit.pngFile:The Poltergeist 3.png
File:The Rain Man.pngFile:The Ranch.pngFile:The Saint of Death.png
File:The Tenants 1.pngFile:The Visitors.pngFile:The Wolf Pack.png
File:The Zozo.pngFile:The home.jpgFile:They Are Mine.png
File:Through The Eyes of a Killer.pngFile:Tiny toon adventures.jpgFile:Torpedos.png
File:Traped Elderly Spirit Women.pngFile:Traped Elderly Sprit uncle 1.pngFile:Traped Little Girl.png
File:True HauntingFile:Trumbull County 1.pngFile:Trumbull County Ufo 2.png
File:U.F.O.pngFile:UFO.pngFile:UFO in Rendlesham Forest.png
File:UFO over the RAF Bentwaters Nuclear Buncer underneath.pngFile:UFO the Aduction.pngFile:USACE Mansfield Hollow Lake.jpg
File:Usher Ghost 2.pngFile:Vedere House.pngFile:Voodoo Preacher.png
File:Vox.pngFile:Watch in the Wilderness.pngFile:Wererwolf 2.png
File:Wererwolf 8.pngFile:White Face.pngFile:Wiki-background
File:Witch house 2.pngFile:Witches Ring.pngFile:Zozo.png

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