Manson family victims or simply the Manson Victims range in age and gender.  There murders was because of an a cult created by Charles Milles Manson.   All the murders was tooken in the foothills of Los Angeles.  All of his victims where buried in a open field which is now under a mansion.  There maybe more victims but the show only shows two of them.

Jay SebringEdit

Jay Sebring
Jay Sebring is one of the victims of the Manson family crime.  He was married to the sister of the leader of the family.  It is believed that he was killed by his wife.

Mysterious Blond WomenEdit

Her name is unknown.  Who killed her is unknown.  One of the Manson family may have dated her or she may have been picked up off the street.  Either way her life has been taken away from these horrible people.