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Wererwolf 8

A werewolf is mystical creature often told from the old country. Believed to be half human and half wolf, they only appear at night. It seems that werewolves do not really change from human to wolf, but remain in a hairy state all the time. But during the night the moon seems to effect them in the way that drives them to do animal instincts. Also, werewolf's eyes seem to change into yellow wolf eyes and have longer claws and fangs. Werewolf's foot prints do appear more wolf like than man. pop culture werewolf have been described as man eating creatures that transform at the light of a full moon, but in in the Episode: "The Cabin", the werewolf seems to go through emotional states that force them to chain them up and lock themselves in metal rooms.  Werewolves seem to have their own language of some sort and a natural hunting instinct that forces them out at night. Werewolves also seem to have superhuman powers. Such as superhuman agility, speed, strength, and are able to jump really high.


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