Blond Witch

An Evil witch.

Witches are human women with the power to affect change by magical means through the practice of witchcraft. Although witches aren't inherantly evil, they nonetheless often turn evil as their powers can corrupt them. Witches have existed for many centuries, and are found in many races' lore.

In the episode "The Coven", three evil witches placed a seal on a house they owned and rented out the space so they can collect humans souls to keep them young and powerful forever, which results in mysterious accidents and suicides on people who rent the space. Later in the episode, when a mysterious blonde woman and two other women showed up, they were furious when the current tenant released the captive souls and the witches knew they blessed the house.

One of the occupants who rented the house, Ken Fisher's stepson Matt, noticed the blonde woman's face suddenly aged. This shows that without human souls to power them, they slowly lose their immortality and weakens them.